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Company - premium calculator

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2. How much would you like to spend per person? *

Corporate health insurance

  • Exclusive medical treatment within short term
  • Fix premium
  • Less loss of work time
  • Responsible employer's care for the employees
  • Better working out-put, higher loyalty

Individual and family health insurance

  • Professional private health care
  • Medical care in a pleasant environment
  • Advanced diagnostic testing without a waiting list
  • Excellent, empathetic doctors.
  • All for a fixed monthly fee


2021-05-27 13:52

Private health insurance comparison

We help you with a private health insurance calculator that allows you to quickly calculate an informative price.

2021-05-06 11:46

What can we do to be healthy in the long run?

2021-04-20 15:07
The private health insurance 2021
2021-04-19 14:48

What changes could there be in 2021?